Kids’ Cerebral Academy(KCA) has developed a unique concept of self-education through art activities. It is a super supplement to academics and formal education meant for the physic-cerebral grooming of students having high grasping power. Art has the power to bring mental and imaginary concepts to realization through the complicated brain actions, linked thinking processes and closely coordinated hand-eye processes. KCA has taken this initiative of introducing this concept of its genre and tone never earlier envisaged in India. With the same line of thought ,KCA conducts art related competitive events. Our aim is to extend to the kids off-beat instruments of learning, we do not insist on compulsion of dedication towards activities instead we believe in creating interest of the kids in our activities. Kids’ liberty at their homes is not interfered at all.

Dr. Gurupreet Saluja

Child Psychologist MD - KCA

Colourful and Creative times we live in! Kids’ Cerebral Academy (KCA) has been a committed organization, rigorously working since 2008 to conduct State and National level Art competitions. These opportunities are provided to the young citizens of a varied age group (including kindergarten school kids to masters-level students) with an essential conviction.

Our efforts at KCA are directed towards making kids’ happy by expressive, self-confident and self-aware. By engaging in our competitions based on arts, the students understand their clear thoughts and visions in life.

I encourage you to explore our efforts online (through our website) and take time to participate in our events and experience the results yourself.

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Here, in KCA, we believe that art and its related activities promote physio- cerebral growth in the brain of the learner. From the subject point-of-view, Art as a subject does not help you to become a leader or doctor, etc. The main focus area, for art is to become oneself and to use ones abilities completely. Developing ones art senses, helps to make the learner’s vision clear and lifelike.
Mission & Vision

Our Vast Vision

  • All-Round Mental And Physical grooming.
  • Co-Curricular Development.
  • Creative Self-Study Conciousness.
  • Actuating Ambitions And Aims.
  • A Vital View At Future.
  • Socio-Scientific Scenerio Of 21st Century.
  • Leadership And Guidance As Per Time.
  • Trendily First And Foremost In Over-all Growth.
  • Cultivation Of High-Tech Up-To-Date Cultured- Minds.
  • Concept Of Nationalism And Spirit Of Competition

Salient Features With Vast Vision

  • All-Round Mental And Physical grooming.
  • Co-Curricular Development.
  • Creative Self-Study Conciousness.


Value, culture, civilization, sublimity and spirituality based co-curricular training, instruction and development for all-round blossoming of little flowers of the society so as to create future patriots, Nation- lovers and happy citizens of tomorrow.