Tips to make Art a part of kid's development

The following are tips to make the arts a part of your kid’s development:

1)Always make arts and crafts supply available and accessible to your kid – paper, pencil, crayons, etc.

2)Celebrate your child’s artwork – hang their drawings on the wall or save it in a folder.  That way, your child feels that her creation is important.

3)Read books – Ask the librarian at your school or public library to suggest books about artists and the arts.

4)Notice the arts all around you – take your family to museums, concerts, or theater.  Notice the art even in the parks, subways, and open spaces.  Start a conversation about what you see.

5)Enjoy the arts at home – share your artistic skills and interests with your kid.  Find out what your kids love abyout the art.

6)If your kid shows great interest, enroll her in arts class.

7)If possible, remind your kid’s school authorities about the importance of art in her education.